Methods of Describing Auctions on Ebay Essay

Methods of Describing Auctions on Ebay Essay

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The general public buys things based on their need for them. This leads to question what the need is. In most cases, the need is to purchase an item for an intended purpose. An example would be buying a tie for an interview. In other cases, the purchase is motivated by the connection to the item or the way one feels when presented with that item. The way an item is described is going to appeal to different audiences. When discussing the effectiveness of describing an item, the majority of the audience is going to be influenced by factual information, therefore making the description more effective. John Freyer’s subjective descriptions are not as effective as those found on other auctions because he provided no factual information about the item for sale and the descriptions appealed to a smaller audience.
When John Freyer wrote his ad for selling his tie, he had no intent on making sure his description told the future buyer exactly what item they were purchasing. For example, he described where he got the tie, a short story about an unrelated tie, and why he no longer needs the tie...

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