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Methods Of Data Collection Methods Essay

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Methods of Data Collection
Data was collected in various ways throughout this study. Smith (2012) included conversational and semi-structured interviews of coaches, principals, and teachers, observational field notes, and coach-written reflections to collect data. Over a five month period, Smith observed the coaches at least three one-week periods. Follow-up interviews with coach participants were conducted to gain additional data. Bases on the initial data, questions were designed to explore previous themes and gain additional information on the coaches’ perspectives. Similar to the interviews originally conducted, the focus was on the coaches’ perspectives on coaching roles, student learning, and teacher change (Smith, 2012).
Appropriateness of Data Collection Methods
Through qualitative research, Smith (2012) collected data by conducting interviews, taking observational field notes, and utilizing coach-written reflections. By interviewing coaches, principals, and teachers, the researcher got the perspectives of all parties involved. This helped him better understand the connections between the literacy coaches and teacher change and student learning. By interviewing the coaches, Smith was able to gain additional information on the coaches’ perspectives. This helped the researcher gain deeper insight into the already existing process. When looking at qualitative research adequacy, responses should be collected through interviews, focus groups, observations, reflective journaling, and open-ended questions (Hardin, 2014). The researcher collected his data in at least three of those ways (Smith, 2012). The researcher was adequate in his method of data collection.
Data Analysis Techniques
In this qualitative study, Smith (2012) an...

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...ion when trying to elicit teacher change. Smith suggests that the coaches use a peer coaching model to support positive relationships. By eliminating assessment and evaluation from their jobs, coaches would be able to more effectively create professional development for teachers in a positive working environment with other staff (Smith, 2012).
As student learning was address, it was a complex process. All three coaches commented on how difficult it was to deal with the coaching roles and engaging teachers to change while still being expected to student learning. All three teachers have different experiences once they were in the schools. Smith (2012) notes that data will likely not include the impact literacy coaches had on student learning. This raises concerns for the future of coaches of literacy and other professional development programs like it (Smith, 2012).

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