Methods For Managing Stress : Stress Essay

Methods For Managing Stress : Stress Essay

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Methods for Managing Stress
Stress helps us survive extreme situations. explains how in emergencies, stress causes the body to release chemicals, accelerate blood flow and increase breathe rate to aid in survival. This reaction is commonly known as “fight or flight” (Tovian et al., 2016). However, such extreme reactions should only occur sparingly since they can cause serious physiological and psychological damage. Humans tend to develop unnecessary tension, which can cause serious harm to themselves when accumulated over time. Stress can never be fully gone; however, there are ways to successfully manage it such as being self-aware, engaging in enjoyable activities, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
It is important for an individual to be aware of his or her mental state. “Sometimes we are so used to living with stress, we don 't know how to identify it” (Mtstcil, 2016). Over time, stress can hinder an individual’s ability to cope with daily activities such as going to work or maintaining a household. Unfortunately, stress itself can make it harder to be self-aware; therefore, it can be difficult to realize when stress has become a problem.
“Saying no [to receiving excess responsibilities] can be difficult” (Robinson, Smith, & Segal, 2016). A person who has become overwhelmed should acknowledge their limitations and avoid taking on too much. Time alone can also help someone de-stress as well as reprioritize their problems. Knowing the difference between what must be done, what should be done, and what can wait, can help a person deal with their problems one at a time without becoming overwhelmed.
Taking time to engage in enjoyable activities can be helpful in stress management because it helps replace negative mental...

... middle of paper ... helps improves mood (Nelson & Zeratsky, 2009).
Both positive and negative coping strategies tend to have a spiraling effect. Positive activities help to increase health and balance mood, which encourages further positive active. However, negative activities often cause dependence, such as addiction and violence, which tend to lead to further negative patterns. A person can break the negative cycle by making positive decisions; however, they can also create a negative cycle by making poor life choices.
Stress can greatly hinder someone’s quality of life; however, they can overcome stress by taking the proper steps. Everyone has problems, but one of the factors to coping is how their problems are handled. Initially breaking from a stress can be difficult, but with rest, participating in enjoyable activities and a healthy lifestyle, managing stress becomes easier.

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