Essay on Methodology of Luck

Essay on Methodology of Luck

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In one of the songs of Nicki Minaj, “Moment 4 Life” says a line that says, “No I’m not lucky, I’m blessed”. In some of her interviews, the singer has stated that she doesn’t believe in luck. She believes in hard work, and her success is a gift from God ( The researchers had been attracted with this statement of hers because, truly, humans are blessed, and not lucky.
If someone sneezes or does something very good, people often hear someone say, “God bless you!” This is a phrase that asks the Lord to protect someone, keep him or her in good health, make him or her holy, and fill life with good and happiness. Centuries ago the causes of diseases were not well known, but people knew that sneezing often came before illnesses that could be life threatening. So, the immediate response was, “God bless you!” meaning, “God protect you from sickness and death (Orthodox Family Life, 1999).
In the late 15th century, the word “luck” came from the early Middle Dutch luc, from gheluc, which means "happiness or good fortune" of unknown origin (, n.d.). People on the modernized time had been dependent on luck and aims for something without doing anything. It clearly shows that some people would risk money for something, like raffle draws, lotto draws and small town lottery, and do not work for their money to spend for their necessities. had defined luck as “(a) the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities: With my luck I'll probably get pneumonia; (b) good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance: He had no luck finding work; (c) a combination of circumstances, events, etc., operating by cha...

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