Essay on Meth Use: A Nation in Crisis

Essay on Meth Use: A Nation in Crisis

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This nation is facing a problem with a powerful stimulant, known as Meth. Meth is a highly addictive drug that is, and a hard to kick. Meth is a huge money making business so the marketing of the drug is not only targeted to adults, but the younger generation as well. Despite the effort with the war on drugs, Law Enforcement is facing a tough battle of controlling the clandestine meth labs, and meth brought to the United States from Mexico. Meth not only hurts the user, but families, and communities as well. Education and awareness to the public can help with the battle on Meth. Although through education, intervention, and rehabilitation there is help to combat meth abuse, meth is a potent dangerous drug that destroys lives, families, and communities.
Meth is a highly addictive stimulant drug that affects the central nervous system (Buxton & Dove, 2008, p. 1537). The illegal drug meth is brought in by traffickers into the United States from Mexico or is made in meth labs across the nation. There is a pharmaceutically-produced form of meth prescribed for Attention Deficient Disorder, and obesity (Armstrong, 2007). Meth is much cheaper to buy than cocaine; so many users consider this drug as “cheap cocaine.” The high factor between cocaine and meth are different, cocaine generally produces a high for approximately a half hour, in which a meth’s high can last four to six hours. Many “street names” exist for meth for example, Ice, Crank, Tina, Crystal, Meth, and Speed.
Individuals like using meth because meth causes instant euphoria. Meth is a drug that releases dopamine in the brain, which causes the euphoria. The first time the user uses the drug, he or she will try to recreate that first high from meth, but never rea...

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