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The Metal Genre Essay

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Most people believe that the Metal genre started in the ‘80’s with bands like Black Sabbath but, in truth it started in the ‘70’s with one band, Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin created a genre that would grow into many sub-genres over the years such as, Screamo, Metalcore, Black Metal, Death Metal, Alt. Metal, Thrash Metal and many more. These various sub-genres of this massive genre have developed and changed in various ways over the past 40 years.
Let’s start with metal in its purest form, True or Classic Metal. This has also been called Hard Rock by some modern bands, such as Wolfmother, Disturbed, Hinder, Nickleback, and Saving Abel, that mimic the sound, views, and attitude of bands such as Black Sabbath, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Dio, and other such bands that originated in ‘70’s, ‘80’s, and a select few in the ‘90’s. The lyrical themes of these bands are usually based around religion, folklore, mythology, and politics. The songs usually take the darker view of these themes but, there is the occasional and very rare love song or upbeat song about these common themes. Modern Hard Rock such as Nickleback and Saving Abel take the more upbeat views but still incorporate the heavier sound and seriousness of the genre.
From bands like Iron Maiden and Pantera that were, at the time, labeled Metal came Thrash Metal. Modern Thrash Metal bands are a rare breed and only a select few, such as Hatebreed, are actually good. Originally thrash metal was repetitive guitar riffs, heavy fast-paced drums, and mellow bass, combined with deep, rough, raspy, and nearly growling vocals. Bands that took this image and sound are Pantera, Iron Maiden, and a select few others. Themes such as a personal war, hate, anger, and violence are...

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...rite. Death metal consists of heavy guitar riffs, louder than thunder drums, a heavy and extremely fast-paced bass line, and incomprehensible growling and screaming vocals with no trace of clean or pop-like lyrics anywhere. Death Metal bands are surprisingly successful in the U.S. Bands such as Suicide Silence, The Absence, Chelsea Grin, Cannibal Corpse, and The Black Dahlia Murder have been a part of some of the biggest tours in the world and have made more money than some Pop stars that are considered to be the most popular musicians in the world.
Metal has evolved in a very unique way through the years. Other genres such as Pop, Country, or Rap haven’t changed nearly as much as Metal has. Although Metal is not the most popular genre out there, it is a versatile and successful enough genre that it will live on forever and will always keep its loyal fans happy.

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