Metabolic Control of Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Essay

Metabolic Control of Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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This paper is to critique a study conducted on the metabolic control of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus. This one year study examines the impact of education and counseling on the metabolic control specifically in the Mexican population.
Burns and Grove (2009) describe sampling as “a process of selecting subjects, events, behavior, or elements for participation in a study”. In this study, the researchers obtained a sample of the population to be studied by using the self-selection method. The participants were selected from a specific geographic area and adults affected by DMT 2 in ambulatory care setting agreed to be a part of the study after a door to door calling was conducted to identify the subjects. Creatinine level was tested on the participants who agreed to participate due to the possibility of renal damage (Rule et al, 2004 as cited in Gallegos, ovalle-Berumen, & Gomez-Meza, 2006). The experimental group had 29 adults while the comparison had 28. Only 25 adults completed the entire study in the experimental group while a number of 20 participants made it through in the comparison group. There was no explanation given in the study for the participants who did not complete the study.
The research used convenient sampling in both groups nevertheless assignment of the subjects to each group was random. The sample size does not truly represent the population in the study. There were three different settings utilized in this study. Educational activities took place in nursing facilities for the experimental group and the counselors were able to go the participants’ homes or talk to them via telephone. For the comparison group, the researchers relied on the participants monthly visits with their primary care provide...

... middle of paper ... a normal range in patients with type 2 diabetes. They deducted that group activity can help increase adherence to therapy, hence assist in the improvement of diabetic control. Education provided by applying proper teaching methods and counseling sessions in patients’ own environment are important factors to consider when dealing with patient with type 2 diabetes.
The purpose of this study is significant in creating new nursing knowledge in regards to the care of diabetic patients and has a potential to deliver better outcomes for patients affected by type 2 diabetes in general. The results of the study can be applied in the treatment of most adults with diabetes. The study is both valid and reliable; however, the sample size is small. The researchers recommend further studies to validate the consequences of psychosocial variables on self-activities and HbA1c.

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