Essay on The Message Of A Message

Essay on The Message Of A Message

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1 Introduction
A message is not communicated until it is understood by the intended audience. There are various blocks to communication such as culture, channel distortions, distrust in management and previous history of the company (Smith & Mounter 2008, p. 98). This report presents three mediums that it believes to be effective tools to communicate the given message to all staff members, the audience of the message. It will explain the mediums chosen for this particular message and why the report believes they will be effective. The next sections of the report will provide information on each of the selected mediums and highlight their advantages and disadvantages.

2 Analysis
The message requirements are to inform all staff including middle management that sales targets were met for the year and bonuses will be paid at Christmas time. When choosing a medium to use, one of the variables to consider is whether the message is static or interactive (Stack, 2013). In this case, the message is static, a one-way communication, which will not require a response once communicated. It is also a positive message providing good news to its audience.
The following mediums all share the same principles. They have a sender, a message and a receiver (Dwyer, 2012). There are three stages to the writing process, planning, writing and editing (Dwyer, 2012, p. 458). From the planning stage the company looks at the purpose of the message, the audience and chooses the right rhetorical appeal (Dwyer, 2012, p. 458). The writing stage is about the language used, structure and format of the message and finally the editing stage is about review and proofreading (Dwyer, 2012, p. 458) of the message. In the next section we now look at each one in more det...

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...cord of the information unless handouts are given.

3 Recommendation
The report recommends the company letter as the most effective medium to use to communicate the give message because it is quick to put together and personal. The company letter will ensure the message is delivered to everyone including those on holiday or sick. In comparison to the presentation which would exclude anyone not present on the day it is presented. It also provides the staff with a written record of the news.

4 Conclusion
To summarise, there are various mediums that can be used to communicate a message. In communicating a message one has to identify the purpose, consider the audience and use the correct delivery channel to effectively communicate that message. As indicated earlier, communication occurs when the message is understood by the intended audience not when it is delivered.

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