Essay about Mesopotamian Jewelry : Ancient Civilizations

Essay about Mesopotamian Jewelry : Ancient Civilizations

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Marcella Borgenicht
Mr. Majewski
History 7
19 October 2015
Mesopotamian Jewelry
In ancient civilizations, Jewelry had an extensive impact on people’s lives. Specifically, jewelry from the land between the rivers, Mesopotamia, played a significant role in mesopotamian culture. The roles jewelry played in people’s lives are exemplified by all of the effort to incorporate intricate designs and the usage of quality materials. All of the characteristics of their work makes the jewelry created during the mesopotamian time period centerpieces of the ancient society (Dissecting Mesopotamian Jewelry). Jewelry was worn by both men and women and it was so important that Queen Puabi was buried with all of her adornments(. Her gravesite as well as Nimrud’s gave us insight into the jewelry dependent society of Mesopotamia(The Gold of Nimrud). Jewelry in ancient mesopotamia was used in most aspects of their lives for a variety of different reasons, therefore making it a universal ornament that can be used equally by both men and women.
Jewelry from the Mesopotamian time period contained precious materials intricately crafted into beautiful ornaments to adorn royalty or the rich with, impacting their society as well as a multitiude of today’s culture within our communities.. Pieces found during excavations displayed their skilled craftsmenship in incorperating metal such as copper, gold, and silver into their work(Sumer). Around 4,000 years ago, jewelers in Mesopotamia began to craft jewelry(Ancient Mesopotamia Jewellery, par. 2). The semiprecios stones: Agate, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and jasper were displayed in their work(Ancient Mesopotamia Jewellery, par. 7). Pieces of jewelry not only served as a wealth status but were also given as wed...

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..., was the “cradle of the goldsmith’s art” (Dissecting Mesopotamian Jewelry, par. 22). Craftsmen labored to make the best jewelry by using many methods, including the loop-in-loop method used to make chains, cloisonne, filigree, and granulation for engraving paterns and names into the pieces, cast gold technique to make and hollow out shapes, and the lost-wax method to carve small intricate designs on beads(Dissecting Mesopotamian Jewelry, pars. 23-24). Although jewelry shops had not been developed by that time, excavated jars used by the jeweler Ilsu-Ibnisu give us insight to the tools that were used. I minesule anville and small tweezers were in his repertuar of tools(Dissecting Mesopotamian Jewelry, par. 25). He may have crafted earrings in similar shapes to those of hoops, grape clusters, cones, and animal or human heads(Dissecting Mesopotamian Jewelry, par. 18).

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