Mesopotamian And Egyptian Cultural Differences And Similarities Essay example

Mesopotamian And Egyptian Cultural Differences And Similarities Essay example

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Mesopotamian and Egyptian Cultural Differences and Similarities
While describing the cultural among the people of Mesopotamia and Egypt, I learned about the differences and similarities in culture. Although there are several categories in the cultures of the Mesopotamians and the Egyptians, I decided to narrow it to three categories: Religion, Writing, and Geography. The three categories will present the basis to compare cultural differences and similarities.
The first category of culture is religion. There were several similarities between the Mesopotamians and Egyptians. The Mesopotamians and Egyptians both had belief systems that were polytheistic, meaning they believed in numerous gods or goddesses instead of one god or goddess. There were also several differences between the Mesopotamian and Egyptians. While the Mesopotamians and Egyptians both worshiped thousands of deities, each had a few deities who were main essential. For the Mesopotamians they were An, Enlil, Enki, and Ninhursaga. An was the god of heaven. Enlil was the god of wind and became the power of energy, force, and authority on the earth. Enki was the god of water and wisdom. Ninhursaga was the goddess of earth and she worshiped as a mother of all children. These are three main essential deities of the Egyptians: Ra, Osiris, and Isis. Ra was the god of sun, a human with the head of a falcon with the Pharaoh as his representative. Osiris was the god of dead and he was a symbol of resurrection. Isis was a goddess of magic, wife of Osiris. Both the people of Mesopotamia and Egypt engaged in different, large structural projects. The Mesopotamians built large temples, used in the worship of their gods, called Ziggurats. The Egyptians built large structure projects ...

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...ed them by confusing the language of the people, so they stopped building The Tower of Babel. This story made me think the people did not show their unity as one nation. I believe it is understandable that the diversity of people has the multiple cultures because there are numerous languages around the world. However, I strongly recommend people to notice and enjoy the similarities and differences of the cultures. Anyone can find themselves in an awkward position if they fail to learn about other cultures. My research, and writing this essay has helped me to notice both the similarities and the differences between the cultures of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Though they shared some similarities and had some differences, neither culture was right or wrong. Both cultures were connected to the way people lived, worked and died, leaving archeologists much to discover and study.

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