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Essay on Meryl Streep

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There is probably no person living in the United States who does not know Meryl Streep, no matter what age. With an extensive and impressive amount of characters played throughout her life, Meryl Streep never failed to capture the character, grabbing her audience in any movie in mere seconds. Through her talent of fitting into any role, mastering accents and own style, Meryl Streep showcases herself as true American talent of her time up till now.
Earlier in her life, Meryl Streep had experience firsthand when it came to the stage at an early part of her life, which helped transcend her into the actress she is known today. At the age of 12, Streep enrolled into singing lessons which helped her leap into an interest into the musical field as a high schooler (“Streep”). A student at Bernardsville high school in New Summit, New Jersey, she kept active roles in plays and musicals during high school, Streep never considered acting more than a mere interest. After high school, the actress attended an all girls’ college, which she played parts in their plays such as Streecar Named Desire and Miss Juliet at Vasaar. Right after, and with a three year scholarship, she attended Yale Drama School, which later she realized how ardent she truly was towards acting (“Zrimsek”). As a jumpstart to her career, Streep played a role in a play called, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton at the Phoenix Theatre which earned her first ever Tony Award and Drama Disk (“Zrimsek”). Already exposed to the public eye through her talent in plays, Streep landed a role in an early television series in 1977 called, The Deadliest Season and in 1978, she won an emmy for Holocaust after garnering attention from a previous role in a movie, titled Julia. After Julia, however, th...

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