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Lewis the Leader
Meriwether Lewis is the main reason that the United States’ territory extends from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Pacific Ocean (“Meriwether Lewis” 2). He has done many great things, but he is best known for exploring the American West (1). He was a great man full of bravery. Meriwether faced tons of dangers in his life but he overcame all of them. Lewis “helped change the face of the United States by exploring uncharted territory- the American West (“Meriwether Lewis” 2).”

Lewis had a very interesting life and he showed it in a countless number of ways. According to, Meriwether Lewis was born near Ivy, Virginia, on August 18, 1774 (“Meriwether Lewis”). Before he led the expedition, Meriwether was Thomas Jefferson’s private secretary. He was a captain in the army and he helped to fight against the Whiskey Rebellion (1). Lewis developed a drinking problem, but he fought and overcame it (2). Thomas Jefferson chose him to explore the land west of the Mississippi River known as the Louisiana Purchase (1). states that Lewis was the official leader of the exploration of the Louisiana Purchase (“Meriwether Lewis”). says that the explore group was called the Corps of Discovery (“Meriwether Lewis” 1). He chose William Clark as the co-commander for the expedition. They began their journey in May 1804 near St. Louis, Missouri (1). Gary Moulton believes that the Corps of Discovery included 33 people: Lewis, Clark, 3 sergeants, 23 privates, 3 interpreters, York, and a baby Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (222b). According to Frances Hunter, the group received help from Sacagawea, a member of the Shoshone tribe, who acted as a translator and kept peace with other Native Americans. asse...

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...y exploring the mysterious American West (“Meriwether Lewis” 2). First, he lived a difficult and exciting life full of ups and downs. Next, he pursued his goals by working hard until the end. He should be in the history hall of fame because of all the contributions he made for America. Meriwether Lewis changed America forever by exploring the territories west of the Mississippi River (“Meriwether Lewis” 1).

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