Essay on Merit: Why Do We Value It?

Essay on Merit: Why Do We Value It?

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First, merit has numerous meaning and different types. Merit acquiring desert, to gain value; to receive benefit, to profit, to earn by service or performance; to have a right to claim as reward; to deserve; sometimes to deserve in a bad sense; any admirable quality or attribute, or be worthy. The Greek define merit is any feature or quality is the basis for distributing positive attribution, such as praise, rewards and prizes (Pojman, 1999). The different merit, awards, is for the performance has been acquired. Merit pay is for the person or persons that are directly related to their performance. Desert is an effort put forth by individuals, this means the methods or action one uses to earn rewards. Virtuous is morally excellent, virtue the quality of doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong, it also allows space for commitments.
As Pojman states in the text,” we become virtuous by practicing virtuous acts (Waller p.105)”. We should remember whatever we sow is what we reap, this mean whatever we does can come and happen to you do, it may come back to you, this mean habit is hard to break, character trait are not easy to change.
People that work hard, should receive merit and parts of the world, people work hard every day have the same as one does not work hard. Mothers and Fathers are committed to their families by working hard and being a family with morals and being virtuous.
“Why do we value it”? According to McDole, Value contains the idea that society should endeavor endeavor to ensure the righteous and cruel are compensated according to its efforts. The idea is not advances; however, society we live in put rewards on actions. McDole, states Pojman’s claim society would improve if all practices were put in...

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... rewarded and vicious is punished.

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