The Merging Of Three Influences Of The Slave Culture During The Time Of Pro Slavery

The Merging Of Three Influences Of The Slave Culture During The Time Of Pro Slavery

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The Merging of Three Influences
The slave culture during the time of pro-slavery is quite overlooked by individuals who mainly focusing on the “now” rather than what has happened proverbially behind this stage. The slavery concept is often misconstrued as solely the whippings given to a slave or slave group that one might be projected to see from various artwork or what is said in textbooks to have happened; but there was much more to slavery than what was happening physically as punishment to them. How did the slaves at this time work together as a society successfully while being gashed and beaten on a regular basis? How did this society continue to exist? These questions arose to me while determining the aspect of what did the slaves do to push through this time, and how did they have to will power to do so?
The culture the slaves created would be the best explanation for keeping these individuals together as a successful society. Each individual was treated at various levels of unpleasantness, so they all had a common thread or ground of having been through similar harsh situations. The “strong kinship” among members reflects on the ideals of the African culture many were accustomed to from their forefathers (Hewitt & Lawson, 300). The friendships that inevitably grew between those enslaved would be a form of the risky-shift phenomenon. This phenomenon is when others are able to grow-out in thought and action, and disobey a social norm when they have a group to follow them (Davis, Palladino, & Christopherson, 630). This also later leads to rebellion which ultimately fails and is the reason slave owners prevented their slaves from being able to read. African culture also entailed reason to believe through the music and...

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...added new forms of music and dance as a way to liberate the heart and mind of the chains that they were linked to, whether physically or mentally. The foods of the two cultures also were brought to the slave culture where they often mixed the styles creating new forms of foot unique to the slave culture. The styles of cooking or types of seasonings brought original dishes to first the slave quarters and in some cases to the plantation kitchens. “For slaves, music and dance held both secular and spiritual meaning, and talented black musicians and singers were praised by whites as well as blacks. Although some slaveholders appreciated African-American music making and others allowed singing and dancing in the slave quarters for practical reasons, from the early colonial period on many whites were leery of the subversion potential of these activities” (Tosco, 2004).

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