The Mentoring Process At A Four Year University Teacher Training Program

The Mentoring Process At A Four Year University Teacher Training Program

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In an effort to gain a better understanding of the mentoring process in a four-year university teacher training program, the researcher observed interactions between mentors and preservice teachers during their mentoring sessions. These observations were followed by online surveys of the preservice teachers and interviews of the mentors and preservice teachers. The resulting data were then analyzed to determine strategies that mentors used during the mentoring process.
Background of the Study
Past studies have recommended teacher educators increase their efforts in providing high quality teacher education in order to ensure that new teachers adapt well to their jobs and stay in the teaching profession longer (Matoti, Junqueira, & Odora, 2011; Sewall, 2009; Tschannen-Moran & Hoy, 2001). The question then is how do we ensure that beginning teachers are adequately prepared for their teaching profession? One way of doing this is through high-quality mentoring, where preservice teachers are guided by experienced teachers and university supervisors during their student teaching experience. This mentoring is done with the hope that it will ensure that it will adequately prepare the preservice teachers for the complex world of teaching. Mentoring in this study context implies the guiding of a less experienced teacher (i.e., preservice teacher) by a more experienced teacher educator (i.e., a cooperating teacher or a university supervisor) so as to improve their quality of teaching. In this study the association between a mentor and a preservice teacher is comprehensively defined by Ambrosetti and Dekkers (2010) as:
“A non-hierarchical, reciprocal relationship between mentors and mentees who work towards specific professional and personal...

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... even have more questions to ask the participants during interviews I had with them later. Before the individual interviews of mentors I also requested the preservice teachers to complete a 15-minute survey on the mentoring process. I was also able to get more questions for mentors from analysis of the data from survey responses. The next step in the study was one to one interviews with the mentors. The analysis of the data from the two field observations, survey of preservice teachers, and interviews of preservice teachers yielded major themes on strategies being used by mentors during the mentoring sessions. I would present a review of related literature, describe the research methodology, techniques used to support validity of data collected, discussion of results, implications of findings, limitations of the study, and finally recommendations for future research.

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