Essay about Mentoring in the Nursing and Midwifery Professions

Essay about Mentoring in the Nursing and Midwifery Professions

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Before commencing on the course I felt I had a thorough knowledge of mentorship and assessing professional practice. I had in the past successfully undertaken a programme of study at State University, gaining a Certificate in Education in post compulsory education. I had previously mentored numerous pre-registration student nurses and also spent time as a clinical practice teacher for specialist practitioner students undertaking the public health degree pathway to becoming Health Visitors. I was not sure whether I would learn anything new on this programme, so looked at the opportunity as a way of refreshing and updating my existing knowledge.
During the learning process I have rediscovered a number of key principles and also discovered new ones. The most profound changes I have discovered are the professional and organisational policies that affect mentoring and education in the nursing and midwifery professions. At the start my learning process I want to identify the type of learner I am and used the VARK assessment tool devised by Fleming (1992). It showed that I would benefit from read/write strategies as these would enhance learning more than visual, auditory and kinaesthetic strategies. I would agree with this to a degree, but still believe that I can and do learn from observation and practice. Fleming does however state that we all learn from all of the strategies but we tend to sway towards just one and gain most benefit from it. I therefore looked for strategies that would involve reading/writing strategies eg. Literature searching, reading any information that suggested it may be useful in improving my knowledge of learning and mentoring students.
One of the things I was particularly interested in was increasing my kno...

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