Mental Wellness Is The Most Important Dimension Of Wellness Essay

Mental Wellness Is The Most Important Dimension Of Wellness Essay

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Mental: Mental wellness is engaging the individual in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand their knowledge and skills and help them discover the potential for sharing their gifts with others. While participating in class discussion I felt my mental health getting stronger because I was learning about other people 's lives and experiences. The more we talked about certain topics that were relatable to a typical college student, the more perspective I obtained about underage drinking, short and long distance relationships, and hardships of living in different areas. Gaining various perspectives is key to my dimensions of wellness. To open up mentally and accept diverse information opens up many unknown doors. I considered my mental health to be healthy but I did not truly follow all the steps to achieving efficient mental health. After I learned how to appreciate knowledge my test scores were higher in my classes thus making my grades better than last semester. Mental wellness is by far the most important dimension of wellness. Without a person 's intellect, it would be impossible for them to even attempt to engage in the other dimensions because they would not know how to even begin. I personally want develop my intellectual curiosity and actively strive to expand and challenge myself with various creative endeavors.

Physical: Physical wellness involves aspects of life that are necessary to keep yourself in top condition. Optimal physical wellness is developed through the combination of beneficial physical activity/exercise and healthy eating habits. Elemental components of physical wellness include building muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular strength and endurance and flexibility. I am, have been, and...

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... this class. First discussing who our Up lines were and how they could help us in with future events that they have already lived through. This helps also with Sidelines and Downlines since the wisdom one gains from an Up line can help virtually anyone who goes through the same situation. This class also helped students get their occupational health in motion. Many of them never created a resume or cover letter. Thankfully it was an assignment that required us student to do it however, I had mine made years ago so this assignment had fruitless results. But the fact that the professor taught us how to do something we will definitely need to do in the future is crucial. We go to school to get a job to sustain our way of life. Having a healthy and productive occupation will show an increase in other dimensions of wellness such as social, emotional, mental, and physical.

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