Essay on Mental Illnesses Are Biologically Based Brain Disorders

Essay on Mental Illnesses Are Biologically Based Brain Disorders

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Everyone gets sick sometimes. Some people get sore throats, fevers or break arm and they might need a cast, these illnesses require you to go to the Doctor to have it checked out, and are needed to buy medication to treat this sickness. While this is Physical illness there is also Mental Illnesses sometimes referred to as Mental Disorders. Being Mentally Ill can be psychologically painful but it can also be painful for your wallet or insurance. Getting treatment and medication is highly expensive. That is the main reason why People with Mental Illnesses live in poverty. Research also shows that people living in Poverty are more likely to get a Mental Disorder for experiencing hunger or debt. There is a definite collaboration between Poverty and Mental Illnesses.
Having a Mental Disorder can change how you act, feel, or think. In some ways it changes your whole life. “Mental Illnesses are biologically based Brain disorders. They cannot be overcome through “will power” and are not related to a person’s “character” or intelligence.” (N.A.M.I). Each person will have a different experience, even if they have the same illness. There are many different Mental Disorders in the world that have affected people, from kids to adults and elders. They often happen during adolescence and young adulthood, but the young and the old are especially vulnerable to these illnesses. ADHD, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorders, Depression, Eating Disorders, Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder, Posttraumatic Disorders, and Schizophrenia are some of the many Mental Illnesses we know of. Mental illnesses can be treated so you can have a little more control over it but depending how much it has affected you it may be untreatable. "Early ide...

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... help the mentally ill individual see what they need to work on to improve their possibility to acquire a good job.
In Conclusion, Mental Illness should no longer subject people to live in poverty. Individuals with mental illness want to work, and they can work with the programs and treatments available to them. However, these effective methods are few and far between. There are multiply implementation barriers that exist, inadequate funding, no insurance, and discrimination against people with mental illness. But, now is the time for all that to chance and to break the cycle of mental illness and poverty that has plagued too many for far too long. It is time for federal and state policy makers to make a serious commitment to implementing effective supported employment programs so that people with mental illness can recover and become contributing member of society.

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