Mental Illnesses And Its Effects Essay

Mental Illnesses And Its Effects Essay

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Glenn Close once said, “It is an odd paradox that a society, which can now speak openly and unabashedly about topics that were once unspeakable, still remains largely silent when it comes to mental health”. The evolution of mental illnesses and their treatments have come a long way, but still aren’t getting the recognition they need or deserve. There’s a stigma that exists around the topic of mental health that many people seem to ignore and overlook. Consequently, mental illness has a history of violent abuse and mistreatment and needs to be recognized and addressed immediately.
When compared to modern-day conditions, history has proven to be a cruel and unequal place for so many people throughout the world. One of the biggest issues of the past, was the fact that there wasn’t any effort that was made to help people with mental illnesses. Instead, they were just seen as people who needed to be separated from society. Asylums and facilities were often used during the 18th and 19th century and became popular in America during the Colonial Era (News.discovery). These institutions were horrific and the majority of patients were treated like animals. La Bicêtre, a hospital infamous for its treatment in Paris during the 1700s, shackled inmates to the walls in dark, cramped cells. Iron cuffs and collars permitted just enough movement to allow patients to feed themselves, but not enough to lie down at night, so they were forced to sleep upright. The floors were cold and hard and the rooms were never cleaned, forcing patients to live in their own filth while shut away from the rest of the world (Foerschner). It’s scary to know that mental health care started from these conditions, especially for those who experience mental disorders or f...

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...nscious and compassionate to mental illnesses and those suffering from it ( And finally, advocate for mental health care reform and learn as much as possible so that one can have all the information necessary to make decisions in the future pertaining to the equality of mental health awareness.
Throughout history and even in modern times, mental health has been subject to cruel and disturbing abuse and mistreatment that can’t be avoided any longer. Every day, people suffering from mental illnesses have to deal with society’s view of them, so, the best thing our society can do to solve that is to become comfortable with mental health and awareness so that we can move forward. Mental health is just as serious as physical health and needs to be recognized as such, but can’t be until society is educated on the topic and truly understands what mental illness is.

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