Mental Illness : The, Marilyn Monroe, And Robin Williams Essay

Mental Illness : The, Marilyn Monroe, And Robin Williams Essay

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Mental illness. The thing that 1 in 4 Americans will experience in their life. The thing that Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe,  and Robin Williams had in common. The thing that is spoken of in whispers.

One of our highest taboos is one of the things that needs to be spoken of most. Mental illness effects everyone in some way or another: either we have personally suffered with it, or we know someone who has.

But, there is a disproportinate amount of attention on mental illness as opposed to, say, cancer. We all know about the pink ribbon, the Race for the Cure, and how likely prostate cancer is for older men. Cancer effects much lower numbers of people, yet the attention it receives is overwhelming. Have you ever seen a fundraiser for schizophrenia or depression? Most likely not.

This is exactly why mental illness needs to be talked about more. Since mental illnesses have wide spectrums of possible disorders, symptoms, and co-morbidity, it 's incredibly difficult to research. Unlike something like allergies, which originate from a simple overactive immune system, and can be cured o...

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