Mental Illness : Myth Or Fact? Essay

Mental Illness : Myth Or Fact? Essay

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Mental Illness:
Myth or Fact?
When I was younger, I once heard of someone harming themselves because they were sad and my immediate thought was, “Why would anyone ever hurt themselves on purpose? Can they not just find something that will make them happy?” I did not know or understand that there were such things as mental illnesses, much like heaps other people do not. People are also not aware of the many signs of mental illnesses, or even that the illnesses themselves exist. There are tons mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and much more. A large amount of these illnesses go untreated or unnoticed because people are not very well educated on them or simply think that since they cannot always be seen, they must not be serious. Mental illnesses are as real and severe as other illnesses, and require treatment in the form of therapeutic means or medications to recover.
As mentioned before, copious amounts of people fail to see the realness of mental illnesses because they assume that they are not real because they simply cannot be seen. People who hold this belief commonly believe that people cannot be “sick” if they do not show symptoms in a physical form. They also tend to push aside these illnesses and claim that they are only silly. These people fail to understand what a mental illness is and the seriousness of them.
Along with the previous belief, many people also claim that mental health is not as important as physical health. An example of this would be if someone were to break their ankle, they would not being able to walk as well as they used to without receiving some form of treatment, but if the same person were also depressed, their parents may believe that ...

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...rstand this, but that does not mean that they cannot become educated and attempt to gain a better understanding of mental illnesses. If more people refrain from being educated on these illnesses, people with these illnesses, or those close to them, that have no clue they even have them, will suffer longer and possibly take part in self destructive behaviors. Becoming educated will also help others learn as well and voice their concerns with facts and help out themselves or others who exhibit symptoms of a mental illness. When I grew up and became more educated on mental illnesses, I was able to understand them and why certain people act the way they do. Just because something may not make sense to one person, does not mean that that certain thing is not true. As mentioned before, mental illnesses are very real and very valid whether or not one chooses to believe it.

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