Mental Illness, By Robert F. Kennedy Essay example

Mental Illness, By Robert F. Kennedy Essay example

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Mental illness is a wretched biochemical disease and no individual or family is immune from the roller coaster effects. With the knowledge we have gain as a nation, we now know the disease can be genetic and can be triggered by environmental factors. As we begin to understand the brain and develop our knowledge, the mysterious of mental illness are being understood.
Prior to 1975, people with severe mental illness were treated callous and heartless. The disregard to human life and lack of respect for children, adults, and elderly was a disgrace to the American society. A sad example of mistreatment of the mentally ill is Willowbrook State School on Staten Island, NY. In 1965, Robert F. Kennedy toured Willowbrook State School and was in disbelief of what he had witnessed. He declared that the atrocities he had seen would be corrected. Six years later, Geraldo Rivera won the Peabody award for his investigative report on Willowbrook State School in 1972. The conditions had worsened after Kennedy visited the state school. With the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the moon landing, Vietnam, and the anti-war movement, America’s shared empathy slowly disappeared during a turbulent time of our country.
Geraldo Rivera, raw investigative report outraged our country. As the camera man was recording, Rivera reported, “When Dr. Wilkins slid back the heavy metal door of B Ward, building No 6, the horrible smell of the place staggered me. It was so wretched that my first thought was that the air was poisonous and would kill me. I looked down to steady myself and I saw a freak, a grotesque caricature of a person, lying under the sink on an incredibly filthy floor in an incredibly filthy bathroom. It was we...

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...h flow (Henchman. J., 2016). With this in mind, a marijuana tax revenue could assist the state with the funding that is required to support their mentally ill and homeless. Taking this into account, out-patient treatment facilities can be built in needed areas, programs can be properly funded, new housing built, proper assistance and guidance can be given, rural areas can be supported and much more.
Mental illness can be overwhelming disease for all of those involved. Throughout history, mentally ill patients have been experimented on, sexually and physically abused, dehumanized, disrespected, purposely given diseases and radiation and the atrocities sadly goes on. It is up to each state and their citizens to rise above to help their fellow man. With understanding and compassion we can lift and strengthen those who are suffering from mental illness or addiction.

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