Mental Illness And Its Effects On The Lives Of Those Who Suffer With Mental Condition

Mental Illness And Its Effects On The Lives Of Those Who Suffer With Mental Condition

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When the subject of defining abnormality is brought to consciousness, many perspectives are put into play. Most would label a person abnormal if he or she deviates from the ideal social norm of a culture, or possessed a maladaptive behavior. Without even realizing what has been perceived, people subconsciously assume that being “abnormal” or possessing an abnormality is a negative factor, making an individual less likely to prosper in his or her life. Mental health conditions are one of the many conditions that are relative to possessing maladaptive behaviors, as well as deviation from the norm of society. This negative misconception held against those who suffer from a mental health condition begin to play a large roll into the stigma those individuals begin to endure. This research paper will present informative evidence of the impact stigma has had on the lives of those who suffer with mental illness, as well as the hardships they are faced with throughout their lifespan; beginning with the evolution of mental disorders.
Mental illness has been evident throughout society for as far back as 400 B.C when the Greek physician Hippocrates began treating such disorders in terms of disturbed physiology, rather than prior assumptions of demonic possession and reflections of displeasure by the gods (“Timeline: Treatments for Mental Illness”). Mental illness is associated with a range of specific mental disorders. This includes anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, personality and eating disorders, addictive disorders as well as a large variety of other mental health related conditions. “Genetics, environment and lifestyle combine to influence whether someone develops a mental health condition” (Mental Health Conditions”). “Nearl...

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...ters to those who encounter them, there is hope for the advancement of those who have encountered them. We live in a truly modern world, with medical advancements and the aid of professional help at our disposal. Over the course of history, mental illness has played a role in our society and this will likely persist onto history in the future. Former president Abraham Lincoln, who suffered from a mental illness known as major depression, the leading cause of disability, once stated, “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” What can be done about helping our society grow more openly towards the treatment and stigma towards mentally ill people is how individuals go about helping those in need as well as helping themselves, along with giving encouragement for the personal advancement of each other no matter what our tribulation may be.

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