Essay on Mental Illness : A Mental Disorder

Essay on Mental Illness : A Mental Disorder

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Nearly half of the population will experience a mental disorder at some point of their life, and around 20% of adults are affected by a mental disorder every year (SANE, 2014). This means that there is actually a significant amount of people in society that have gone/are currently/will go through a mental illness in their life, making it a lot more common than some might usually think. Of the eighty respondents of the questionnaire, twenty-one identified they had been diagnosed with a mental illness before, and forty-six identified that they know or have known someone that had been diagnosed with a mental illness. These findings slightly reflect the statistics that are based on the general population, but overall it is evident that there were significantly less people who had actually had a mental illness than those who knew someone with a mental illness. These results can be seen to reflect the results gathered in figures 3 - 5 that show a general misunderstanding or lack of knowledge around mental illness.

The lack of people who had personally experienced a mental illness first hand is reflected in the responses gathered in figure 3 and 4, as with inexperience comes ignorance. Figure 3 shows how many respondents were aware of certain mental illness, and overall many were quite well known. Mental illnesses such as impulse control and addiction disorder and multiple personality disorder were the least known. This may be due to the general lack of awareness regarding mental illnesses as a whole, and thus especially ones such as these that are less common or less heard of in society. 100% of respondents knew of depression, making it the most well known of all mental illnesses amongst respondents. This may be due to the great focus...

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...ay fully in the near future, however does claim that she is feeling a lot better and handling it very well compared to two years ago when she was diagnosed. Although she still battles stigmas and stereotypes to a great extent every day and faces significant repercussions as a result of them, Grace feels very supported amongst her close friends and family. Facing the misunderstanding regarding mental illnesses daily has made Grace realise the importance of education, and strongly believes that if there was a stronger focus placed on teaching about mental illnesses in high school these stigmas and stereotypes would be less prominent and less detrimental. This belief is supported by Healy (2010). Overall it is evident in the findings that there a number of stigmas and stereotypes that are commonly associated with mental illness, of which have great impacts on sufferers.

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