Essay on Mental Illness : A Broad Range Of Mental Health Conditions

Essay on Mental Illness : A Broad Range Of Mental Health Conditions

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Mental illness refers to a broad range of mental health conditions. Mental illnesses have many consequences such as struggling with day to day life, work, relationships, and more. The disease can make people miserable resulting in poor decision making, inappropriate coping mechanisms, and in worse cases death. Mental health problems are challenging and can go undetected for a long period of time. Suicide, self esteem, mental health, school, and treatment are all factors that are difficult with one who is suffering with a mental illness. There are many consequences for those suffering from mental illness if they are untreated, but it is possible to overcome mental illness with correct diagnosis, appropriate medication, supplemented with alternative therapies.
One consequence of untreated mental illness could be suicide, often a constant struggle for people who battle with a mental health problem. According a study, “In 2004, the FDA looked at published and unpublished data trials of antidepressants that involved nearly 4,400 children and adolescents...four percent of those thought or tried suicide (“Mental Health Medications”). In otherwards antidepressant are usually prescribed to overcome depression however, for others it can increase the thoughts of suicide greatly. Suicide is number 10 for the leading cause of death in America and approximately 38,000 Americans are lost each year to suicide. The study states that “combined rates for 10 to 24 years declined 28.5 percent from 1990-2003. From 2003-2004, the rates increased by 8 percent, the largest rise in fifteen years (“Study). Insisting that there has been an increased amount of people commiting suicide. However, an interesting fact is that in areas of the country...

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...wn and let me be able to focus in class. Shortly after we realized that the medication was not working and that we were not able to see any difference. About a year later I was put on wellbutrin, and lexapro which was supposedly going to help me with my moods and depression but it did the complete opposite. It seemed like no medications were working and my moods were worse than they ever had been. Because of the lack of medication for a while I was involved in risky behavior along with getting into a fight due to my impulsiveness. A little after I was brought to a hospital and finally they diagnosed me with bipolar disorder and i was prescribed an antipsychotic which is used to treat bipolar disorder. Finding the correct diagnosis and medication was vital for me because the other medications were only making things worse for me because I had the wrong diagnosis.

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