Essay about Mental Health Therapists Providing Counseling Services

Essay about Mental Health Therapists Providing Counseling Services

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Mental health therapists providing counseling services face a number of challenges when presented with couples and families requiring their assistance. One of the key tenants of this type of therapy is to always remain cognizant of the needs of the patient (Corey, Corey, Corey and Callanan, 2014, pp. 413). There are a myriad of personal, professional and ethical challenges clinicians will encounter. During case study development for psychology classes, it is imperative to provide the students with enough background knowledge about the hypothetical situation in order to make an informed decision about treatment and ethical dilemmas. In order to yield a desirable outcome, the scenario should be conveyed in a manner that is understandable to the students. The following paragraph contains the hypothetical model utilized by students. For the scenario, the primary focus will be for students to identify the ethical concerns associated with couples counseling.
A heterosexual couple, Ronald and Paula walk into the office seeking counseling because they have been constantly fighting for the last six months. Ronald is a 43-year-old lead consultant for a large corporate firm and works long and irregular hours. Paula is a 33-year-old woman who works a standard eight-hour day at a local bank. Ronald and Paula have been married for approximately five years and recently gave birth to a baby boy. Both parties admit that they have been experiencing trust, communication and sexual issues in their marriage. Before getting married, Ronald had cheated on his then girlfriend Paula with one of his co-workers. Based on Ronald’s history of infidelity, Paula believes that he is cheating on her with his secretary. Ronald vehemently denies chea...

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...resolve any shortcomings they hold about their cases.
Another particular ethical issue in regards to this scenario is inherent when couples seeking joint counseling. According to Corey et al. (2014, pp. 422), couples often have trouble on the topics discussed during joint counseling sessions. Furthermore, confidentiality becomes difficulty during counseling sessions with couples. In order to solve these issues, it is imperative that therapist establish boundaries and rules during the very first session with the couple. The first thought is that the therapist does not reveal any information about private discussions occurring. Alternatively, some therapists believe that there should be no secrets that occurring during counseling. The reason for this is to create an open and honest environment and create a code of conduct that all parties adhere.

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