Mental Health Is An Integral Part Of Our Overall Health Essay

Mental Health Is An Integral Part Of Our Overall Health Essay

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Mental health is an integral part of our overall health and daily to day activities. According to WHO (World Health Organization), mental health is "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community". on the contrary, one may experience a significant distress, disability and psychological dysfunction unable to function daily routine activities when mental illness or mental disorder is imminent. although mental disorders have been associated with the the impact on one’s health and wellbeing, it is also have a considerable economic burden when assessed in terms of unemployment ,absenteeism, lost productivity and healthcare expenses.
In Canada alone, in any given year, one in five people suffer mental illness of any kind. Almost 6.7 million people are now identified as people living with mental illness according to mental health commissions of Canada (MCCC,2010).The economic toll is also on the rise where Canada is spending more than $50 billion per year which equates 2.8% of Canada’s GDP in is also estimated than this number will go up by $6 billion in lost productivity from absenteeism and turnover. MCCC expect Canada to spend more than 2.5 trillion on the coming 30 years.
Although According to statistics Canada and Canadian institute for health information (CIHI) the number of people who are being institutionalized are slightly on the downside, there are significant number of people with mental illness who are institutionalized either for short or longer period of time. Among those only 13% are institutionalized in psychiatric hospitals and 47.1% are in...

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...“violence in mental health institutions is part and parcel of the job and is imminent for mental health workers”. In the ENA survey, it was reported that half of the nurses complained about violence and said no action was taken by the institution while 20% said a simple warning was given to the offenders.
In general, prevention of violence costs small when compared to the costs that institutions has to incur in workers compensation, time off due to injury, turnover and low staff morale. When workers have better understanding of how to address any kind of violence coming from aggressive patients and have a continued support from management to tackle their problem, job satisfaction and performance will increase which in turn increases the overall quality of patient –staff interaction leading to overall quality of care.

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