Mental Health Counselors Can Increase Job Opportunities Essay

Mental Health Counselors Can Increase Job Opportunities Essay

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Mental Health Counselors help people in society who have mental or emotional disorders to deal with their disorder and hopefully, conquer them. Some of the duties these counselors do in order to conquer them are confront the mental and emotional problems (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). They work with individuals, groups, families, and other professionals (“Mental Health Counselor,” n.d.). These counselors listen to their patients’ problems. In addition, counselors ask question to help patients to understand their problems. This also allows for the counselor to develop a plan to better the patients’ lives. The ultimate task of a mental health counselor is to promote mental health (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014).
Jobs in this profession can be obtained with only a master’s degree, but professional certificates can increase job opportunities. An undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s degree in mental health counseling, and a license to practice are the schooling necessary to become a counselor (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014). There are also two years of supervised clinical experience that need to be completed before being able to become a full-fledged mental health counselor (“Mental Health Counselor,” n.d.). The average salary for this occupation was $43,190 in 2015, which is kind of low; however, the projected employment change for this profession is 19% for the years 2014-2024, which is high (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014).
Human resource managers recruit people from local communities for employment and try to help them keep the job. Some of their tasks include hiring and firing employees, as well as managing them by creating schedules and figuring out benefits (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2014; “Human R...

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...ry—double that of a human resource manager—and has a decent projected employment output; however, there is a lot of schooling that comes with it. It is about eight years of schooling plus a minimum of three years of internship. Out of these three, I am most interested in the human resource manager position. I think with my skills and likes this would be a very good fit. It isn’t too much school like psychiatry, but it also makes a decent amount of money unlike mental health counseling. To prepare for this job, I can take human resource management and business classes. I can also participate in different leadership clubs to gain more experience, as well as get internship relevant to a human resource manager job. After doing this, I will be more prepared for graduate school, in addition to the work field. I look forward to preparing to become a human resource manager.

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