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Mental Health And The Health Essay

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Mental and Emotional Health falls in public health due to the amount of people it affects. LaVeists’ Chapter 5: “Mental Health,” and LaVeists’ Chapter 11: “American Indian and Alaska Native Health Issues” along with Breslaus’ “Lifetime risk and persistence of psychiatric disorders across ethnic groups in the United States” and James’ “John Henryism and the health of African-Americans” all express different ways in which mental and emotional health is discussed. From the overall thesis of these readings, the reader is able to determine how we think of health and illness within public health. In LaVeists’ writing we can see just how much health and illness can affect ones social experiences. LaVeists’ writing, in particular, was effective in demonstrating his analysis due to the presentation of facts throughout Chapter 5: Mental Health. These examples throughout the chapter added to the readers’ thorough understanding of the chapter.

Mental and emotional health is especially present in LaVeists’ Chapter 5: “Mental Health” and Chapter 11: “American Indian and Alaska Native Health Issues”. Mental health and even emotional health is a topic worth learning about. Not only is mental and emotional health something to take seriously, but also we need to know how this deals with public health as well as within different communities and race or ethnic groups. According to LaVeist on page 85, “Mental health problems are signs or symptoms of insufficient intensity or duration to meet the criteria for any mental disorder…” (LaVeist 85). There are most prevalent mental disorders in the United States. Mood disorders, psychotic disorders: Schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, childhood disorders and cognitive disorders: Alzheimer’s...

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...fferent forms such as mental and emotional health.

Mental and emotional health issues are present wherever we go. Now we may not be aware of this, but they really are all around us whether it is in certain age groups or even in race or ethnic groups, these disorders are very common. LaVeist, Breslaus and James show just how different forms and symptoms of mental and emotional health affect racial and ethnic groups.
It is important to grasp the readers’ emotions when constructing messages like these authors have done. One should now be able to determine by these articles just how mental health affects those around us. If we were to just take a look around they may not see these disorders, but trust me as I say we all suffer from some sort of mental or emotional health disorder and we shouldn’t judge anyone else just because they act or seem different than us.

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