Essay about Mental Health And Mental Illness

Essay about Mental Health And Mental Illness

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The subject of mental health generally indicates the psychological and emotional well-being of a person. When the subject of metal health is brought up, it is tended to be looked over.
There is a great difference between mental health and mental disorders/illnesses. Many people mistaken the two perspectives of mentality and misuse illness and health. Beginning with mental health, it is something that everyone has. Everyone has a physical health status which goes the same for everyone having a mental health status. The World Health Organization famously says, "There is no health without mental health." (CITATION) Just as we struggle with physical health, experiencing mental challenges and struggling to maintain a good and healthy way of thinking becomes a common understanding. When associating with mental health, we veer towards the relative importance of our emotions, feelings, understanding our world around us, our ability to solve and overcome problems as well as our social connections. Concerning a dysfunctional behavior, it influences the way individuals think, feel, behave, or communicate with others. (CITATION) Every mental illness can have multiple symptoms and each symptom can be relatively similar to a certain mental illness which can impact peoples' lives in so many ways. There are different degrees of health that range from great health all the way down to poor health. A poor mental health does not necessarily mean that you have a mental illness. On a regular premise, individuals encounter difficult issues which causes weakness and negative effects on their lives. The ability to live and cope well despite all problems determines the factor of one's mental health. Having the capacity to take a look at issues or any wo...

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...he normal chemical balances in the brain so symptoms can be reduced or eliminated. Lastly, community support groups are mainly important for people with illness that have frequent episodes. The community basically assists with training, educating, and psychosocial rehabilitation. (CITATION)
Mental health is triggered by some sort of external cause and in fact, there are many factors that could affect an individual's mental health such as genetic inheritance, family history, stress, trauma or substance abuse. (CITATION) (HOW....TECHNICAL RESEARCH)
Society tends to not take notice of certain types of mental illnesses. For instance, (INSERT EXAMPLE)
There are many things to bring awareness to our mental health.
In conclusion, mental health is an important consideration. Mental health is just as important as any other disease. It happens just as often as an injury.

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