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Mental Health And Medical Care Essay

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   Mental illness in prison
  Historically, the departments of corrections, employing their own staff and clinics, directly administered mental health and medical care to offenders. Because of ever-increasing health care costs, staff expense, lack of qualified health care professionals to work in prisons, lack of visionary correctional leadership (with exceptions), and ever-increasing litigation, more and more states have privatized the mental health and medical services (Daniel, A. E.2007). By giving them the care they needed was a start then how it was going before. About 25 states and several large urban jails contract with private vendors for correctional health care services(Daniel, A. E.2007) . They continue with this because they know the inmates needed health care or they would died.
  There are a lot of people that are in prison with mental illness. Instead of getting the help that they need they are sent to prison. They have closed the mental health institutions so they wouldn’t get the help they should get. Reports at the time indicated significant abuse of patients and a general lack of credible mental health care (DeMoss, D.2015). Since there where no institutions the state suppose to give communities money to help deal with those that heave mental illness.
  The United States has the highest rate of adult incarceration among the developed countries, with 2.2 million currently in jails and prisons (Daniel, A. E.2007). Over the past years or decades mental ill have been going to prison more and more. The cause of why they been going to prison more is because of deinstitutionalization based of the state system. Systems underfunded and understaffed without training who were primarily focused on incarceration rather than...

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...ecause the federal government chose to not fulfilled their promise that they to improve the system. Any hopes of rehabilitation based on any criminal activity are outweighed by the intense and long-lasting affects of incarceration on mentally ill individuals (DeMoss, D.2015). Mental illness should be watch over in every state to make sure they are treated correctly. I feel the funds should be given so the system can be improve.
  Those that have a illness or an disorder should be helped just like we want our family and friends to be helped and fixed with this problem. Through a series of unintended consequences we’ve sabotaged our mental health system and relegated the management of mental illness to a penal system designed to imprison and punish (DeMoss, D.2015). If would be fair to remove those that are ill out of prison and keep them in a mental health care center.

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