Essay about Mental Disorders in America: Bipolarism

Essay about Mental Disorders in America: Bipolarism

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Mental disorder is an ever-growing problem not only in America, but also around the world. Mental disorders not only effect intrapersonal problems, but also interpersonal relationships. We live in a society where every problem has a proper emotion, but when people stray from the typical emotional reactions, they are outcasted and considered abnormal. Over a hundred years ago, Kraepelin explained a recurrent affective disorder, which is now known as bipolar disorder (Swann, 2006). Bipolar disorder is an ever-growing mental disorder in today’s society that affects 3 percent of the population, and those who do have it feel the extreme highs and lows through daily life. As of now the sixth ranked mental disability in the world is bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is characterized as alternating episodes of depression and mania. These episodes can affect a person’s judgment, personality, and overall quality of life. “Bipolar disorder is considered to be a chronic, severe, abnormal, and recurrent mood disorder” (Sajatovic, 2005). Bipolar disorder is also known for being one of the most incapacitating of psychiatric disorders. Even though bipolar disorder is considered an incapacitating disorder, through research and testing, it is now treatable with proper medication and therapy. If treated properly, bipolar patients have been seen to live productive and full lives, but medications do not erase the episodes, but instead they try to prevent them from becoming worse.
People with the disorder tend to experience rare emotional states that reoccur in distinct periods over and over again. These periods are better known as mood episodes. The two distinct episodes are called mania and depression. ...

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