Mental Disorders: Anthrophobia Essay

Mental Disorders: Anthrophobia Essay

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Mental Disorders: Anthrophobia
According to, Mental Disorders are psychological disorders in which a persons thoughts, emotions, or behaviour are abnormal. This causes them to act in a certain abnormal way which results in suffering to the person himself and to others. There are different causes of Mental Disorders and these causes differ among different disorders. The main causes of Mental Disorders are life experiences such as stress or being abused, biological factors, or an abnormal brain structure. There are various types of Mental Disorders such as Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Depression, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders and Phobias. Phobias are a fear of something which in reality do no harm or oppose no danger to the person. According to Fredd Culbertson the creator of the Phobia List, there are hundreds of phobias and there is almost a phobia of everything. One of these phobias is Anthrophobia. Anthrophobia is also one of the most common phobias especially among students (panic attack dr). According to the national insitute of mental health 8.7% of people suffer from one or more specific phobias. The top 10 most common phobias in the world as of 21st october 2009 are: Acrophobia is the fear of heights, Claustrophobia fear of enclosed spaces, Nyctophobia fear of the dark, Ophidiophobia fear of snakes, Arachnophobia fear of spiders, Trypanophobia fear of injections and medical needs, Astraphobia fear of thunder or lightning, Nosophobia fear of having a diease, Germophobia fear of germs and laslty triskaidekaphobia fear of the number 13 (Fritscher).

Anthrophobia is the fear of people or society. People with Anthrophobia cant stand being around people, being the centre of attention or...

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...affect people of different ages and can be cured if the patients is willing to cure his or her disorder.

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