Essay about Mental Disorder: What is Lobotomies?

Essay about Mental Disorder: What is Lobotomies?

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Imagine sitting at home all day, showing no emotion to the outside world. That is what happens to people who have lobotomies. Mental disorders are a major health concern all around the world. They can affect people starting at birth, or they can develop with age. Cures for these disorders were not very effective until the development of different types of drugs in the twentieth century. Before these drugs were invented, procedures like lobotomies were considered an acceptable treatment for certain types of mental disorders. The invention of the lobotomy was considered to be a medical miracle because it helped cure some psychiatric illnesses, but it had adverse effects on many of the patients who received this procedure.
Nobody denies that in discovering psychosurgery, a temporary cure for a few mental illnesses was thought to have been discovered. Prefrontal lobotomy is a surgical procedure in which the prefrontal cortex is detached from other areas of the brain (Kalat 103). During this procedure, the prefrontal cortex is either impaired, or the link connecting it to the rest of the brain is severed (Kalat 103). This means that lobotomies are performed by surgeons who destroy the connection from the frontal lobe to the rest of the brain, and this can render the frontal lobe useless. Originally, physicians proposed lobotomies because physicians thought that intense emotional and cognitive disruption happened because of atypical neural pathways in the brain (Piotrowski 1119). Psychosurgery could possibly help with finding new cures for some important psychiatric diseases because doctors conjectured that destroying this anomalous brain tissue would help in curing those diseases (Piotrowski 1119). Doctors initially thought that destr...

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