Essay on Mental Disability And Physical Disability

Essay on Mental Disability And Physical Disability

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When I decide to take this class I don’t know what to expect on what I was going to learn about. However as the quarter went by I learned a lot about different time of disability especially physical disability. There are many type of physical disability but also there are people who are injured but are not on the physical disability for an example if someone breaks there arm they can still move around and wont have a problem but someone who is on a wheelchair who is going to be consider as physical disability. This topic on physical disability got me interested just because my friend who has cerebral palsy mad me think that he didn’t have a choose on his disability and some times I think its unfair for people who have a certain disability when there young and don’t have a choose.

Next is that some people are born with a physical disability who didn’t have choose on having the disability or not. However other people who are physical disability because they either where in a car accident, war, surgery. These are two different ways of getting a physical disability but its also hard as a parent when you hear that your child is going to be on the spectrum of being part of the physical disability because most parents don’t want to label there kids. When labeling a child that has a physical disability most parents feel a shame that it was there fault because either they did drugs or drink alcohol and didn’t take care of them self. However people who grow up a normal like always looks at a person with a physical disability and something I heard while walking are, “these people are slow”, I am never going to have a disability”, My kids are not going to be disabled or physically disabled”, when hearing these things some people who I k...

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... have a learning disability but also have a physical disability because sometime they have a hard time speaking and they just cant get the word out correct. The reason why I am talking about family is because not all parents want to hear that there child has any kind of disability. At first there reaction to it would be like there confuse but they know that their child has a disability but they wont except because they want their child to be a perfect child on earth. After the parents except that there child has any kind of disability they change and the parents start carrying more about there child and become a stronger family as they go through the process and IP with the teacher and consoler, also wondering weather they want the child to be half of the day in a normal classroom and then the other half in another classroom where the teacher can focused on them.

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