Essay on The Mental Condition Of Schizophrenia

Essay on The Mental Condition Of Schizophrenia

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Schizophrenia is a mental condition that vastly renders its victims void of cognitive ability and most of the victims experience distorted thinking and hearing of imaginary voices. Delusions and emotionless acts characterize the disorder, whereby most of the victims experience difficulty socializing or interacting with the rest of the world. Presently, a large population of the world continues to be affected by this brain disorder either directly (for the victims) or indirectly (for friends and relatives of schizophrenic people). About 1% of the American population is schizophrenic and about 26 million cases of schizophrenia have been reported in the world. Schizophrenics often find difficulty coordinating their activities and can, therefore, not keep a job or take care of themselves. They often have to rely on help from friends, family and well-wishers. The disorder continues to elicit a heated debate among medics because of its complicated nature and the effects it has on the community.
Literature review
A study by Saha, Chant, Welham and McGrath revealed that four to seven out of 1000 people suffer from schizophrenia (Saha et al, 2005). The study was conducted in 46 countries and evaluated over 150,000 cases of schizophrenic patients. The authors assert that prevalence of the condition is low in developing countries as compared to developed countries. The authors also found that schizophrenia prevalence does not vary according to gender. Their study concluded that there is increased prevalence of schizophrenia in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Additionally, immigrants in the countries showed higher prevalence of the conditions as compared to the native-born (Saha et al, 2005).
Tsuang, Faraone and Glatt argue that sch...

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...lives through increasing their tolerance to the symptoms that define the disorder (Beck et al, 2011). The use of antipsychotic medication has helped patients cope with the condition. Additionally, social rehabilitation helps patients interact with others and have a social life.
Schizophrenia affects everybody in the society either as a victim or a friend or relative to a victim. There is a lot of prejudice attributed to the conditions and most people in society shun schizophrenics, viewing them as insane and outcasts of the society. Additionally, the characterization of schizophrenia as a bipolar disorder is unfound and contributes to poor research results. Schizophrenics are fellow human beings who should receive help to help in managing of their condition. This calls for all members of the society to embrace them and accord them respect they deserve.

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