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Throughout the poem of mending wall by Robert Frost there were many themes and life lessons revealed to the readers. The big themes that were revealed to the readers was walls, nature and friendships. The main topic that the themes came back to was getting to know people in life. The walls were up for no reason with no cattle to keep under control, and nature put many gaps in the wall to try to bring it down. The wall just kept the neighbors in isolation when the world wanted them to be in communication with each other.
Walls are shown numerous times throughout the poem. One of the neighbors wants a wall up and the other one does not want the wall up. The neighbor who wants the wall up thinks “Good fences make good neighbors.” This line is repeatedly said as the poems go along. The other neighbor see’s no good in a wall because there is no livestock to keep under control and on the property. The wall seems to have two meanings. One meaning is privacy and the other meaning could be a barrier people put up in their life after being hurt.
The saying “Good Fences make good neighbors” could mean exactly what it say. The wall allows mainly privacy, and property to stay on each side. Privacy is the key to neighbors, everybody wants and need their privacy. If one of the neighbors yard is dirty the other one could still be clean because the wall separates the property line. With the wall up nothing can go on each of the properties that the owners of the property do not wish to happen. With nothing happen on the properties without the owner’s consent, everything will be good and that is why “Good Fences make Good neighbors.”
The walls other meaning could be connected to real life. When people start to get hurt in friendships and relations...

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...k communication skills. That can be a reason for the neighbor only saying “Good fences make good neighbors” for every question he answered, he does not have an explanation for why the wall is up.
Frost in this poem uses walls and nature to show how some people in life live in isolation. Frost uses different metaphors and imagery to show the privacy of each the speaker and the neighbor. People choose not to become in contact with each other, maybe because of past friendships or relationships that could have damaged them physically, mentally, and emotionally. People do not want to take the time to get to know each other because they are afraid of what could happen to them physically, mentally or emotionally. Never put a barrier up before knowing what a person is like. Do not hold on to the past because, you could be blocking out the good things in the future to come.

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