Men, Women, and Social Interaction Essay

Men, Women, and Social Interaction Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Are there differences between man and woman? People think that man and women are various. Each one of them has his own style which affects their way of dealing with other. The primary difference between man and woman is the brain. Allah created them different for reasons. The main reason is that man and women are complementary, so no one of them can live without the other. They like lock and key.
Women's minds work accurately and in detail, but men's minds want the direct results. So, the differences between them reflect directly on their communication styles and paint various pictures. In addition, they play role in their social interaction. They affect in their body language, ways of thinking, talking and communicating.
Since social interaction is linked to our live is very important to know more about it by understand our self and the other gender. For that reason, there are many researches conducted around the world about this topic, because the psychology of woman and man affects every aspect of their life. Their childhood affects their communication too.
It will present summary of my reading in literature review, the questions that the research is expected to answer them, the sample, population and the research implementation. Finally, the questions' answers will be in the conclusions. The research focuses on those aspects. It goes step by step in order to find the great result that tells us who is more active man or woman?

3.0 Literature review
The interaction of men and women has different meaning for both and it depends on many things that related to man and woman.
* The meaning of social interaction:
Social interaction is something deal with people life, and it is one of the most important part ...

... middle of paper ...

...the most important part of our life because the person can't live alone, the people are around you all the time, so you need to deal with them . With this test you will evaluate the extent of your social interaction.
Rate yourself on the following skills:

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