The Men Commit Actions That Make The Female Characters The Victims Essay

The Men Commit Actions That Make The Female Characters The Victims Essay

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Due to these insecurities, the men commit actions that make the female characters the victims. Miriam is in love with Paul and committed to him, despite this, she ends up heartbroken. “He felt, in leaving her, he was defrauding her of life. But he knew that, in staying, stifling the inner, desperate man, he was denying his own life. And he did not hope to give life to her by denying his own.” (Lawrence, 136). Paul has to decide between his happiness and Miriam’s. In the end, Paul chooses to ruin her life rather than his own. This decision is driven by his need to feel masculine as he thinks that Miriam is depriving him of this. Feeling emasculated is his insecurity and because Paul feels insecure he thinks that hurting Miriam is justified. “His bicycle seemed to fall beneath him, and he loved it. Recklessness is almost a man 's revenge on a woman. He feels he is not valued, so he will risk destroying himself to deprive her altogether” (Lawrence, 210). Earlier in the novel, Paul felt insecure and so decided to risk harm just to show Miriam that she can’t control him. Similar behaviour is repeated here as Paul decides to break Miriam’s heart because he feels emasculated. Mr. Morel also hurts his significant other because of his insecurities just as Paul did except Mrs. Morel becomes a victim of this even after Mr. Morel leaves due to memories of the past. “Sometimes as she lay he knew she was thinking of the past. Her mouth gradually shut hard in a line. She was holding herself rigid, so that she might die...Sometimes, when it was lighter, she talked about her husband. Now she hated him. She did not forgive him. She could not bear him to be in the room. And a few things, the things that had been most bitter to her, came up again so ...

... middle of paper ... stated. In fact, not much of what the male characters are feeling is explicitly stated. Rather they are displayed in how those characters behave. The decisions they make and the interactions they have. Their decisions can be driven by the need to compete with other men and their interactions can be them projecting their feelings onto others. In this way, they show the inner workings of their mind. They also do not directly state their insecurities. However, these are revealed through the use of female characters. It is evident in the assumptions men make on how women feel and how they use these women. They will assume the women see faults in them that are based on their own insecurities and will use the women to justify their own feelings of self-doubt. The insecurities become the driving force in these men’s actions resulting in the women ending up hurt or dead.

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