The Memory Of The Frank Family Essay

The Memory Of The Frank Family Essay

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Miep Gies wrote Anne Frank Remembered to honor the memory of the Frank family, to show what happened to Jews during World War II, and what she did to hide the Frank family. Gies was asked to write about her experience in the war, but Miep also wanted to consider how Anne Frank played such an enormous role in Miep’s life; Gies wanted to add the impact of how Anne’s diary affected people into her book. The book is the first-hand account of the persecution of Jews. Miep was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1909. Gies was five when the war started. In December of 1920, 10 years old, Miep was taken to Holland to be treated after almost dying from undernourishment because the Germans were taking food to support their army. The family she was taken to for treatment later adopted her. She grew up in Amsterdam with her adopted Dutch family. Miep was going to return home but her parents said she was Dutch and she remain so. When Miep was 24 she came to work at Travies and Company making jam. She married Henk Gies after she discovered she was going to be deported back to Vienna; Miep loved Henk. Hitler started to demoralize Jews and make them seem inhuman, they were the scum of the Earth. When Jews started to be relocated to camps those who could go went into hiding including the Frank family. The Frank family moved into a hidden section of the Travies and Company and hid there for years. Later, the Frank family was discovered by an anonymous tipster and taken to an internment camp. Miep discovered Anne’s diary and kept it awaiting her return which never came. Years later she gave the diary to Otto Frank, Anne’s father. He was the only one to survive the prison camps once they had been liberated.
Miep gives a vivid description of what happened ...

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...ever coming back.
I loved this book. Anne Frank Remembered was easy to read and gave a tremendous amount of information about World War II and the different experiences Jews and non-Jews endured. The pictures gave a great visual aid for what the Frank family looked like, Miep and her Husband, the hideaway room, and what Amsterdam looked like, where everything took place. I would have liked to know more information on what happened to the Frank family because the description was vague and curt.
I would recommend this book for those interested in Anne Frank and those wanting to know more about what happened during World War II towards Jews and non-Jews. It was very informative on how the Frank family was hidden, what they experienced, and those who helped Jews knowing the dangers. It is a great reliable source of first-hand information if one needed to do a report.

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