Memory And Aging : Selected Research Directions And Application Issues Essay

Memory And Aging : Selected Research Directions And Application Issues Essay

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Cognition and Aging
The present paper illustrates my reflections regarding the article “Memory and Aging: Selected Research Directions and Application Issues”, the third lecture “Psychosocial Issues”, and our class discussion. All of them brought up important issues regarding the psychological health of older adults, however, one theme was common across them: the role of social interaction on cognition and emotion.
About the Article
Historically, memory has been a recurring topic in cognition research. Through the years, many scientific findings have helped us to understand how memory works. Since, older adults are the subgroup most affected by frequent memory deficiencies, they would be highly benefited with the advance of the cognitive science. The additional value of this article, it is its emphasis on using current findings in concrete applications because, in the past, research has been mainly descriptive but lacked the application perspective. For example, it has been known that episodic memory relates to daily activities and past anecdotal memories, however, little has been said about how to keep these types of memories vivid. Only, later researchers found that older adults with active episodic memory engaged in more family and friends activities, which not only makes them more mentally active, but also, give them the means to remember better by using other’s help, as human reminders. This tip is useful as a professional advice, considering that episodic memory declines with age are a norm, however, with an individual difference.
Similarly, some detriments are observed in semantic memory (facts and beliefs). Nevertheless, the semantic memory decline is not directly linked with aging. Commonly, older adults with good se...

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... the multigenerational integration is an ordinary situation, where grandparents are expected to participate actively in the children’s education and care. As Psychologists we should be aware of these cultural nuances, because if we encounter a South African grandmother that lives alone and do not frequent their children, it might be because of family conflicts, so that would be an important topic to address.
Although that still there are many unanswered questions, results are significantly enough to start implementing them in the general population. We have seen how memory training and active social relationships have a positive effect on cognitive aging.

Dixon, R. A., Rust, T. B., Feltmate, S. E., & See, S. K. (2007). Memory and aging: Selected research directions and application issues. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, 48(2), 67.

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