Essay on The Memory Aid Product That I Imagine

Essay on The Memory Aid Product That I Imagine

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The memory aid product that I imagine would be a noninvasive device that is user friendly and seamlessly integrates with the elderly person’s lifestyle and their environment. It will be designed such that it is durable and sturdy so that it can last longer with less interruption needed to charge or a need for software update. The device will take in voice commands and relay back the necessary information to the user based on the available information.
The first and foremost critical features that the device will have is that it should be small enough in size such that the device could be worn as a pin in elderly person’s coat, sweater, jacket etc. The nature and size of the device thus becomes a critical feature that can be easy to use and handle. The cost of ownership of such product will be low so that the user can buy a number of such devices. The caretaker of the elderly person can then place these devices all over the house and not be concerned about losing them or the elderly person forgetting to misplace these devices. This device will asynchronously communicate with the designated application (app) that will be running on a smart phone, or a tablet when the elderly person speaks directly into the device.
Secondly the design of this product will use the existing technology of a smart phone app and a tablet app that will act as a central commander. The app will be designed for major smart phone and tablet operating system and will act as a first response when the elderly person needs a hint or help recalling information. The app will also query any information needed from the web if such information is not stored in the user profile. The device will pass the voice command from the elderly person and the app then will facilit...

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...mation. The language they seem to use to describe security measures is quite vague and does not highlight whether or not they implement strong encryption technologies to protect the data that is shared from the customer’s smart phone.
2. The privacy policy mentions the choices the customer has when it comes to managing online privacy on the smart phone. However, the discover smart phone app seems to have many more permission settings on a customer phone compared to what is mentioned in the privacy statement. For example, the discover smartphone app seems to be collecting phone status and identity as well has the capability to read Google service configuration on an Android device. What this boils down to is the smartphone seems to be collecting a whole host of other tangible data from the customer cell phone beyond the scope of what is defined in the privacy policy.

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