Memories Of The Past Memories Essay

Memories Of The Past Memories Essay

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If the world had no memories of the past through the present the world and the people who live in it would be better. Through the past, there have been some distant but fairly new memories that could be embarrassing or exciting.
In your past memories there have been some embarrassing thoughts. These thoughts could have been you or someone else. For example, you could have said the wrong answer in class or sent and embarrassing text to someone else, but all those are little things. You could have tripped over the cord at a dance and ruined it or said and embarrassing speech in front of the school. These thoughts would have been painful and torture to think of back in the past. It could have been your friend who was embarrassed and you were involved. He or she could have blamed something stupid on you or have asked a girl out and said he was doing it for you. No one can beat the queen of all embarrassment which is your mom. Your mom tortures you with embarrassment. If she is chaperoning at a dance and she starts dancing, then the only choice then is to leave. In that case all your fri...

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