The Memories Of The Ghosts Of A Place Called Vietnam Essay

The Memories Of The Ghosts Of A Place Called Vietnam Essay

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I carry the memories of the ghosts of a place called Vietnam-the people of Vietnam, my fellow soldiers- Tim O’Brien
Born on October 1, 1946, William Timothy O’Brien, famously know as Tim O’Brien, served as a soldier in the Vietnam War (Britannica, 2016). Tim like most of the soldiers were either drafted or volunteered to fight in Vietnam. Many of them, including Tim battled the emotions of alienation and fearfulness during the time of the war. O’Brien illustrated those emotions in his chapter “The Things They Carried”. He listed the tangibles objects the characters carried in order to define their intangible qualities.
Throughout the chapter many of the soldiers like Ted Lavender, Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, Dave Jensen and Henry Dobbins all carried items that reminded them of home and kept them from panicking during the war. For Ted Lavender, who was terrified of the war, carried about six to seven ounces of drugs. He also carried tranquilizers, which kept him calm through every mission they had to do. Lavender took a tranquilizer right before he went to the restroom, on the night h...

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