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Memories Of My Brother And I Essay

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As I look down at a picture of my brother and I, millions of memories of us flood my mind. Children have certain places they remember vividly. The memories they have are beyond comparison to any other memory they could ever have. In the crinkled yellow photo, my brother and I are at my grandparents bakery, as we were many times before. We spent what seemed like an eternity playing, eating, cooking, and doing gobs of other activities. The place that holds an abundance of my most beloved memories is my grandparents bakery. The bakery is special to many others and myself for countless reasons.
If a bakery owner in the small town of Crawford, Nebraska would not have hired a twelve-year-old boy some 71 years ago, life would not be the same for on untold amount of people. This twelve-year-old boy was my George Smith, my grandpa. He found that at the bakery he loved baking, decorating, and seeing the customers ecstatic faces when they would stare at his amazing work. When my grandparents met they found that Mae Smith, my grandma, was not the best at the baking or decorating, but she was much better dealing with the stress of all finances incorporated with owning your own business.. This combination of my grandparent 's handy skills lead them into wanting to get their very own bakery. The building that is their bakery now, was first the top floor of the old Antler Motel and was moved to the spot it is in today in Douglas, Wyoming. When my grandparents found this old building they immediately wanted to buy. As they walked in a warm sensation flowed through their bodies, the feeling of ease like when we snuggle up to the person we love. They decided to buy and the Home Bakery was begun in August 1965.
After several years of making the bak...

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...ugh that dissolved in our warm mouths. When I leer at the gigantic oven I see all the steaming bread, cakes, and pies coming out and smelling like heaven. As I view at the fryer I see my grandpa working at two in the morning grease filling the air, to get the donuts made for his four o 'clock customers. As I look at the bakery I see my favorite place, memories, and people.
The bakery is a special place to people today, and will be forever. I thank the baker in Crawford for hiring my grandpa, and I thank my grandparents for making the bakery their destiny. The days I spent at the bakery are days I will never forget. Everywhere I look in the bakery I remember memories that warm my heart. Just a peek at the bakery can change my day from good to wonderful. The Home Bakery is a one of a kind place and wishes everyone in the world got the chance to visit it at least once.

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