Memories And Secrets - Original Writing Essay

Memories And Secrets - Original Writing Essay

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Story Within A Story

As her eyes opened, it seemed as if all the light had been restored in the world. She was alive, however, all the unforgettable memories and secrets she had once had, disappeared, leaving only a blank space. Her mind echoed with restless thoughts. Where do I go? Where am I? Who am I? Her past was like a blurred dream, and nothing was clear anymore. She had forgotten everything, and remembered nothing. The machines around her were beeping continuously as a man and a woman stared at her, a young, scared girl, hidden under the blankets of her hospital bed.

"Is she OK?"
"She 's alive, but I am afraid that 's the only good news I have for you."
"What happened?"
"After her near escape, she hit her head pretty badly. I am afraid she has a slight case of amnesia, but it should get better within a couple of hours."
"Is that . . . "
"Wait, I wasn 't finished. Her wounds aren 't getting better, even after surgery. There is a very low chance that she will survive, and even if she does, she isn 't going to be the same girl you once knew."

As the tragic news was revealed, a shocked look swept over the man’s face, as his jaw dropped. The woman’s eyes flooded with tears as she leaned over the man 's shoulder. Through the long, traumatic night, the man and women cried endlessly, wondering if they could ever get over the startling, and devastating news.

A couple days had passed since the girl, his daughter, had recovered from her amnesia. The sun rose again and the man decided to cherish what might be that last few days of the girl 's life. He came to visit his daughter that same day. As he walked in, the sun shone through the open window. Outside, the noise of chirping birds, and the city-traffic from the early m...

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...ed up against the wall. Next to the bed was a nightstand, covered in a layer of dust. On the floor in front of the nightstand was a scratched porcelain doll. There was a window with pink curtains hung open. On the left side of the room was a small desk with a large engraved mirror. The girl walked outside the house. Then she noticed something, a large stone hidden under vines. She pushed away the branches and leaves. It was a plate of smooth marble. Engraved in black writing was, “Here lies the body of Elizabeth. RIP 2002 - 2008.” Next to the grave were two others made of stone, one crumbling apart. One was for her father, and one for her mother. A wilted white rose lay in front of the graves.

Hours passed,and she ate some berries from a bush for lunch. When night fell, she went back to the house to spend the night. She climbed into the little girl’s bed and slept.

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