Memorable Super Bowl Season Essay

Memorable Super Bowl Season Essay

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As I sat in my comfy theater seat, watching many people file into the Vashon Theater, I pondered the implications of this Super Bowl game. This was the most important game for any sports franchise that had any significance to me. It almost made me shiver, thinking about the joy and celebration that would occur if the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. I listened to the excited chatter all around me, impatient for the game to start, having never experienced an atmosphere so ecstatic, so energetic, so euphoric for a sporting event.
The memory of the Super Bowl season, every game inching closer and closer to the ultimate goal, is indeed a good memory. This season held many successes, with many eccentric, ecstatic, and outright amazing plays, atmospherically energizing the theater for the Super Bowl game. Cheering, screaming, laughing, eating, the crowd in the theater was one hundred percent into the competition. As soon as Super Bowl XLVIII started, there was no doubt who would be the champion. From the very beginning, it was an absolute mauling by the Seahawks. I appreciate the Seahawks and their greatness, their domination during the season leading up to the Super Bowl.
When the 2013 NFL football season started, I had enormous expectations for the season. The season started off with the Seahawks on fire, and they never cooled down, finishing with the most wins in the NFL. One tremendous play that I recall from the season is Golden Tate’s taunting of the St. Louis Rams. Russell Wilson and the receivers had been struggling, until Tate, a Seahawks receiver, caught an 80-yard touchdown pass, chucked deep down the field by Wilson, to take the lead. Not only did Tate catch the ball in mid-stride, streaking down the field, he also...

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...e. Altogether, this was one of the most one-sided games in the history of the Super Bowl.
It is marvelous to think back to this historic season, think to the beginning of the year, when I just knew that this year had the feel of a special season. The Super Bowl game started off with a bang by the Seahawks and they never slowed down. The regular season and playoffs were only the precursors to the Super Bowl championship, but they included many triumphs. The Super Bowl, although exciting, did not encompass the preeminent squads, the two best teams comprise of the Seahawks and the 49ers... After the championship, I began to ponder the possibility of a return trip to the Super Bowl by the Seahawks. I wondered if it was feasible to believe that I would be sitting in the very same spot next year, watching the Seahawks in the Super Bowl in my comfy theater seat.

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