Memorable Childhood Weekend Essay

Memorable Childhood Weekend Essay

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Father and Daughter weekend became my favorite weekends, as a child. My father made sure that it was never boring when FDW (father/daughter weekend) came around. Every weekend, my father had just one goal to accomplish and that goal was to teach me something no matter what. Well, at the age of eight, my father took me fishing for the first time.
When my father and I arrived to our destination, at five o’clock that morning, the smell of freshly cut grass slaps me in the face, almost taking my breath away. As I unloaded my dad’s 1997, red, two door, low rider, Sonoma truck, my dad called me to this dirt pile. But this dirt pile was no ordinary dirt pile. The dirt smelt like an “outhouse”. My dad said, “Rose, this is where you will be getting your bait to fish.” I was thinking to myself, “There is no way I’m putting my hand in that crap.” I pulled out my little tackle box full of hooks, weights, and every color of artificial worm a person could think of and said with a frown, “Dad! I am just going to use these worms today and I will use the real ones next time.” My dad laughed, pulled ...

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