Memoirs Of Reverend Hale. Essay

Memoirs Of Reverend Hale. Essay

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Jordan Inglis
Ms Armstrong
October 23, 2014

Memoirs of Reverend Hale

Here I write in the closing days of my life. My life has been full of many wonderful experiences, and I thank God for that. However, the events of almost ten years ago are a black mark on my legacy, an event that will forever haunt my spirit, while it walks the Earth within my body and when I have ascended to heaven to be with the Lord. The unjust hangings of many of God 's people, including the honourable John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse, was a regrettable moment in my life and all of New England.
I have spent my entire life under the service of God, seeking those who sympathize with Lucifer and helping them find God. When I was called to Salem in the year 1692, I was not expecting anything out of the ordinary. There was strong evidence that several townspeople had been corrupted by Satan, and that they had been possessing and terrorizing many of the young girls in the village. Oh how naïve I was. I believe my knowledge could only lead me I often wonder what possessed God to abandon Salem when Salem truly needed him most.
I had been in the village for all but a week when I realized there was something... wrong. There seemed to be an underlying atmosphere of fear and animosity. Of course, with my wide-eyed, innocent thinking at the time, I assumed the presence of Satan had damaged the townspeople 's trust of one another. Again, I blissfully accepted this, and I was wrong.
It all changed when I arrived at John Proctor 's house. I was to inspect the Godliness of the Proctor household, as there was reason to believe Proctor could be involved with Satan. Again, I let my human impulsiveness get in the way of my responsibility as a man of god to see all as th...

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...r a confession from Proctor, if only to save the life of a godly man. The world desperately seeks wise men who can see through deception. John however, even with his wife pleading, refused to name any others as a servant of Satan and damage the name of Proctor. His pride led to his death. He could not stand being a coward, and I respect him deeply for that. If John Proctor did not ascend to Heaven, then I and all others should burn in hell.
Years later, I have not been able to understand the meaningless deaths of god-faring people in Salem. The killing of godly men by other godly men is surely a black time. I feel as if Satan was present in the village at the time, but in all of us. Such terrible loss of godly life could only be Lucifer 's work. O, if only I had seen it earlier. I will take the guilt and helplessness with me to my grave, so God help me.

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