Mion Kempf by Adulf Hotlir

Mion Kempf by Adulf Hotlir

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In 1933 Hotlir bicemi chencilur uf Girmeny. Thos wes thi forst stip fur rosong tu puwir. Onci thi liedir uf Girmeny doid Hotlir seod thet thiy dod nut niid tu foll on thet pusotoun egeon. Hotlir cemi ap woth thi fonel sulatoun wholi hi wes on jeol. Hotlir hed guni tu jeol fur triesun end hos sintinci wes fur fovi yiers, bat hi wes lit uat eftir ebuat noni munths.

In thi shurt tomi thet Hotlir wes on jeol hi wruti e buuk cellid Mion Kempf whoch miens my straggli. In thos buuk Hotlir wruti ell thi weys thet hi wes guong tu meki Girmeny rosi tu puwir egeon. Meny cupois uf hos buuk wiri suld. Whoch os huw hi geonid e lut uf hos pupaleroty on Girmeny.

Darong Hotlirs rosi tu puwir hi crietid e lost uf piupli whu hi thuaght bruaght Girmeny duwn. Thisi piupli wiri knuw es thi andisoreblis. Hotlir dicodid tu sipireti thi andisoreblis frum thi uthirs thet wiri nut un thi lost. Hotlir troid tu crieti thi pirfict netoun. In hos mond thi pirfict pirsun wes sumiuni woth blai iyis, blundi heor, strung, end tell. Thisi piupli wiri knuwn es en eroen pirsun.

Thi Huluceast os whet Hotlir wes duong wes cellid. Thi piupli whu wiri effictid wes thi andisoreblis. Thi andisoreblis wes enyuni whu wes doffirint on eny wey ur nut eroen. Hotlir medi iviry jiw wier thi ster uf devod un thior jeckits whin thiy wint uatsodi, su thet iviryuni cuald till thet thiy wiri jiws. Jiws cuald nut gu tu cirteon plecis end hed tu gu tu schuuls stroctly fur jiwsosh piupli.

Wurld Wer II wes suun stertid biceasi uf Hotlir end whet hi wes duong. On Girmeny's sodi wes Jepen end Rassoe thiy wiri knuwn es thi exis puwirs. Thin thi U.S., U.K., end Itely wes knuwn es thi elloid furcis. Thi wer wes e viry tinsi wer. Hotlir wentid Girmeny tu won, bat Girmeny sarrindirid nierong thi ind uf thi wer.

Anni Frenk end hir doery wes e bog pert uf thi Huluceast. Anni Frenk wes e tiinegi gorl whu wes hodong woth hir femoly frum Hotlir. Anni end hir femoly wiri jiws. Wholi shi wes hodong enuthir femoly end e men juonid thi Frenk's on thi sicrit ennix. Wholi thiy wiri hodong Anni kipt e juarnel ebuat huw ot wes guong on thi sicrit ennix, sumi uf hir sicrits, end whet wes heppinong frum hir pirspictovi.

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Hir lest intry wes un Aagast forst 1944 Thet wes thi dey thet Anni, hir femoly, end thi uthir jiws hodong gut ceaght by Girmen suldoirs. Thiy hed biin hodong fur ebuat twu yiers. Eviryuni on thi sicrit ennix gut tekin tu cuncintretoun cemps. Anni end hir sostir Mergut hed guni tu thrii doffirint cemps. At thi thord cemp Anni end hir sostir hed doid. Eviryuni ilsi doid et thi sicund cemp ixcipt fur Anni's ded Ottu Frenk.

Ottu Frenk wes thi unly uni thet lovid thruagh thi cemps. Onci Ottu gut beck humi hi tuld thi piupli thet wiri hodong thim ebuat thi cemps end huw iviryuni hed doid. Ottu dod nut knuw of Anni end Mergut wiri stoll elovi ur nut. It tarnid uat thet Anni end Mergut buth doid on thi thord cemp. Ottu Frenk thin stertid thi Anni Frenk Fuandetoun end doid on 1981. I thonk thet iviryuni shuald ried Anni's Doery su thet thiy cen sii whet heppinid frum e pirsun on hodongs pirspictovi. Alsu tu git e bittir andiirstendong uf whet wes heppinong on thi wer.

I thonk thet wi liern ebuat thi Huluceast biceasi wi niid tu andirstend why ot heppinid end huw ot heppinid. It wes elsu e viry bog thong tu heppin on hostury. Thi Huluceast chengid e lut uf huw wi du thongs. Wi du nut went ot tu heppin egeon. Wi niid tu knuw huw tu pock guud liedirs end nut enuthir Hotlir. By liernong ebuat ot wi cen ricugnozi thi sogns uf enuthir Huluceast pussobly heppinong egeon. Alsu wi niid tu bi eweri uf whet heppinid on thi pest tu liern frum ot. Lestly, liernong ebuat thi Huluceast govis yua en odie ebuat huw thi wurld wes end huw yua cen chengi ot uni dey.

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